About Us

Hunter Aviation Support Services, Inc. was formed in 1998 to support the regional and commuter aircraft industry with reliable spare part supply. Since then the company has grown and has added clients in every habitable continent.

Our stock of aircraft parts is continually growing and we are a provider of spare parts for both private and commercial aviation as well as NATO armed forces.

Hunter Aviation Support Services, Inc. understands the aviation industry and the high demands it entails. We are currently working toward obtaining FAA AC-0056 accreditation and ASA-100 certification. Hunter Aviation was built upon a strict quality program since its inception, this program is now being streamlined and formalized in order to meet and exceed certification standards.

Through our long involvement with supporting Red Cross and UN aircraft operations in Africa and Asia Hunter Aviation had the unique opportunity to be tasked with providing a wide range of tailor made survival equipment. This further developed into suppling emergency medical equipment in support of demining operations. As our experience grew in this somewhat diverse field we were further tasked with developing and providing a “Man Portable Field Surgical Kit", the kit was developed and field tested in conjunction with demining teams. This effort yielded what is now widely known as the "UN Level II Trauma Kit" -the kit provided by Hunter Aviation is the original UN Level II Certified Trauma Kit. This kit is available to the brave demining teams around the world in the event of an accident while working to detect and remove deadly landmines.

If you came here looking for our UN Level II Trauma backpacks or other demining or emergency medical equipment those items have moved to http://em-med.com.