Aircraft Spare Parts Solutions Since 1998

Hunter Aviation Support Services has supplied spare parts to operators, installers and repair shops worldwide since 1998.

We stock rotables and consumables for several regional and commuter aircraft. Our main focus has been and remains on the BAE Jetstream series aircraft, but we are continually evolving our expertise and stock of parts to include aircraft ranging from Cessna 206 to Airbus A320.

Hunter Aviation is ready to assist you with your avionics needs, with ours and our partners rotable stock. We can also assist with ovehauls passing along our volume discounts from various shops, ensuring warranty and consolidating shipments to save on shipping costs for clients across the world.

We maintain an extensive list of Rotables for Exchange or for outright sale.

Whether you are looking for Factory New parts or discounted New Surplus parts or a repairable core we can help you.

If we have missed your need in our capabilities description do not think we cannot help you. Feel free to contact any of our staff with your problem and we will do our best assist.

Regional & commuter aircraft we stock parts for, include but are not limited to:

  • BAE Jetstream 31
  • BAE Jetstream 32
  • BAE Jetstream 41
  • BAE Jetstream 42
  • Beech 1900
  • Beech King Air 200 & 350
  • DHC6-200 & 300
  • Dash 7 & 8
  • Dornier 228
  • EMB110 & 120
  • Fairchild Metro
  • Fokker 27

Transport aircraft we have stock for include among others:

  • Airbus A320
  • B707
  • B727
  • B737
  • DC3
  • DC4
  • DC6
  • DC7
  • DC8
  • Electra
  • L-1011
  • L-188